Jalan Mastrip No. 2 Kab. Tuban Jawa Timur



Assalamu alaikum wr. Wb

SMKN 1 Tuban (Vocational High School one Tuban) always prepares itself to be a place to develop the human resources. It is not only a place to study but also to produce graduation who have good skill who can be useful for our country.

The graduation of SMKN 1 Tuban must have added value. Thus, SMKN 1 Tuban has to focus on the following:

  1. The graduation must have higher value and much better skill compared to the time when they entered the school.
  2. The quality of products and services resulted by the graduations of SMKN 1 Tuban, Must show higher quality of services and product compared to those who never study at SMKN 1 Tuban.

To fulfill the hope, SMKN 1 Tuban has addopted Dual Based Program. It means that the study are carried out in two different places: at school and at workfield. The study at the workfield is aimed to prepare the students to be ready to work as soon as they graduate. The skill that the students getin the workfield is using the principle learning by doing.

By implementing the model, it is hoped that SMKN 1 Tuban can produce graduations who have high knowledge and skill . They will be ready to be professional workers with good dicipline and suitable with the job field. It will also strengthen Link and Match between SMKN I tuban and work field.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

The principle of SMKN 1 Tuban


Drs. Basuki, SST, M.Pd.